Welcome to The Rex Center

The Rex Center is a Holistic Fitness Center for Dogs.

Located at: 1040 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044.

We offer canine aquatic services, holistic services, and workshops for you and your dog’s behavioral and physical well-being.

If your dog has a specific medical condition, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian before booking a swim at The Rex Center.

New swimmers must book their first swim as an Assisted Swim! Many dogs who swim in natural bodies of water have a period of adjustment in a pool. Some dogs take longer than others to accept the pool as fun.

New Swimmers are encouraged to book their first session as a NEW CLIENT INITIAL SWIM!* In order to ensure that your dog has a safe and comfortable swimming experience, we recommend all first time Rex Center swimmers to schedule our New Client Initial Swim Session. This is a 45 minute assisted swimming session where one of our swim coaches will be able to show you around our facility, introduce your dog to the pool, do an evaluation of their swimming capabilities, and go over future swimming recommendations. ALL FIRST TIME Swimmers must schedule their first swim as either an Assisted Swim or a New Client Initial Swim

*NEW CLIENT INITIAL SWIM is designed for a single dog. It is intended to introduce a pup to our pool in a slow and gentle way. If you have 2 dogs please book an 50 min 2 dogs swim. Any questions please contact us at info@therexcenter.com

Purchasing a swim does not mean you have a swim booked! If you don't receive an email confirmation for your swim contact the office. You may not have a swim booked.

Rex Online Booking Software,

Here is a direct link to our online booking software Mind Body Online. MBO has an APP for phones and tablets which has bugs that need to be resolved. --- Please continue to use our online booking option and let us know about any problems.

If you prefer you can contact us with a time that will work for you and your dog!

info@therexcenter.com and 650-738-8739 or 415-578-5735

More about Dogs and Swimming

  • Swimming, builds confidence, increases stamina, is a great low impact workout and is fun for dogs of all ages! Many clients come to The Rex Center as a safe place for their dogs to have fun while spending quality time with their best friend.
  • Our Warm Water Assisted Swims are soothing for seniors with arthritis, dogs with general mobility issues or dogs just learning how to swim!
  • Our Warm Water Open Swims are great for the intermediate swimmer who does not need the help of a swim coach and would enjoy the warmer water.
  • Our Cool Water Sport Swims are ideal for sporting and agility dogs who are swimming pool savvy! The cooler water allows the dog to swim harder and burn more calories while getting a full body workout!
Warm Water Swimming - Dogs of all ages and physical conditions benefit from exercise and bodywork in our warm water pool. Warm water swimming is low-impact, restorative, and gentle-yet-conditioning. Let your dog dive in and see the transformation